Counselling services of the AStA FU

Here you will find a short overview of the consultations we offer. If you click on it, you will get more information about the individual consultations. Before you go to a consultation, please check the short-term changes, there you will find out if a consultation has to be cancelled or postponed at short notice, e.g. due to illness.

A part of the consultations takes place in presence, another part by mail. Occasionally there may be deviations from the regular consulting times and some consultations may take longer due to the higher workload. We hope you will understand this! We will try to inform you about this in the short term changes section on the start page.

A click on the consultations you are interested in or on the link in the short description will lead you to the page of the respective consultation. There you will find all important information about the individual consultations.

If necessary, write your phone number in the email so that they can call you back. Please do not give us your matriculation number for privacy reasons.


BAföG counselling

Unfortunately, students have to struggle with the often seemingly arbitrary laws and practices of the BAföG  office. We advise you in these cases in a biased and solidary way. You can find everything else here.

Data protection and Anti-repression counselling

We try to give helpful support for all problems with data backup and data protection. Counselling hours by arrangement. You can find information about our topics here.

Disability counselling

Counselling for students with disabilities, chronic illness or psychological impairments is based on the principle of peer counseling. You can find more details here.

Counselling for women*

The women*counselling service supports you with problems and questions about sexism, discrimination at university, sexualised violence, family violence, stalking, multiple discrimination and seeking therapy. You can find a description of our services here.

Higher Education Counselling

The aim of the higher education counselling is to inform students about their rights during their studies and to support them in conflicts with lecturers* and the FU administration. You can find our topics here.

Counselling for international students and students of color

International students are also discriminated against in Berlin by various educational policies. For this reason, the autonomous department of Black students and students of color offers student counselling.

Queerfeminist peer support

The queerfeminist peer support is a counselling and information facility for queer people The counselling introduces itself here.

General legal counselling  (only with an appointment)

Legal counselling is an initial consultation with a lawyer. Topics that are (not) discussed here can be found here.

Counselling for Gays (Schwule), bisexuals and trans*

We are open-minded students who deal with queer topics and problems of people from the LSBTIQ+ community. We would like to work for a non-discriminatory space at the university and support students in their interests and with their problems. You can find our main areas of expertise here.

Social counselling

The social counselling service provides advice on all kinds of issues concerning student life in Berlin and its institutions. You can find out here what this includes.

Counselling for students with children

The counselling service for students with child(ren) supports you in all questions and concerns regarding life with child(ren), the compatibility of studies and child(ren) and gives useful and practical tips and tricks on these topics.