Departments of the AStA

The AStA currently consists of 13 departments, each with 3 representatives. Each department has a field of responsibility. Three representatives are elected by the StuPa for each department. The autonomous departments are elected by their respective status group.


Department of Student Initiatives
The Department of Student Initiatives is the intersection between the Student Initiatives (FSI) and the AStA.
Department of Finance
The Department of Finance and Organisation deals with the financial and administrative issues of the student body.
Department of Antisexism* 
Department for antisexism strives to promote and initiate (queer) feminist projects and contents.
Departments of Higher Education Policy and Teaching&Studying
The Higher Education Policy Department and the Teaching&Studying Department work against the dismantling of the last remnants of democracy and student participation and stands for a self-determined study.
Department of Internationalism and Antifascism 
It is our goal to anchor anti-fascist and anti-racist politics in the university.
Department of Communication and Anti-repression 
The department has two main focuses: Data protection and anti-repression.
Department of Culture
The cultural department organizes the parties of the AStAs at irregular intervals. It also supports Student Initiatives with cultural matters.
Department of ANTI*
Our concern is to provide a pleasant meeting place for agender, non binary, trans and intersex students.
Department of Public Relations
Responsible for the publications of the AStA and the coordination of press and public relations.
Department of Black students and students of color
Our goal is to create a space at this university where we can find our voices, form our own narrative, empower B.PoC. We want to counteract the lack of representation and create visibility for B.PoC. 
Department of Queers
The queer* students department is responsible for the political representation of all students on the spectrum of asexuality, aromantic, biromantic, bisexuality, homoromantic, homosexuality, inter*, non-binary, panromantic, pansexuality, trans* or queer*
Department of Social Services
The Department of Social Services is committed to the social needs of the students.