Application for exemption from Semesterticket

What is an exemption from the semester ticket?

                                                            In the case of an exemption from the semester ticket, the right to travel is withdrawn and 

                                                            the fees for the semester ticket are refunded.

                                                              The ticket must have been paid for in advance!


Information about the semesterticket summerterm 2024 you can find here

and information about who is eligible for an exemtion: here


All students can apply for a full or partial exemption if they...

  • are studying outside of germany for at least 3 months, e.g.
    • Practical semester or internship
    • as part of the final thesis
    • semester abroad
  • are on leave of absence
  • are unable to use public transportation due to a disability or for health reasons
  • are in possession of a disabled person's pass with a token
  • have been enrolled late
  • are also enrolled at another university and receive a semester ticket from this university

Other cases:

  • Students who exmatriculate (dropout or graduation) do not need to submit an application:
    The student administration automatically forwards us the exmatriculation applications of the respective students
  • Circumstances due to the Corona pandemic are no grounds for exemption.


What proof do I have to provide?

This varies depending on the reason for the application. A complete overview of the evidence required can be found on the back of the application form.


Submit application

Download application form as PDF

The signed application can be submitted by mail or e-mail, see Contact. Applications are available in the office and can be completed and handed in during office hours. When submitting an application by mail, the postmark counts as far as deadlines are concerned. All supporting documents can be submitted later.


Deadlines SoSe 2024

Within these deadlines we need a complete application, including all of the neccessary proofs. 

Reason for exemptionFrist
Absence from place of study    10.05.2024 
Enrolled at another university10.05.2024
Leave of absence:10.05.2024 or 4 weeks after taking leave of absence
Delayed immatriculation:1 month after immatriculation date
All other:15.09.2024

Deadlines WiSe 23/24

Reason for exemptionDeadline
Absence from place of study    31.09.2023 or 14 days after occurence of reason
Leave of absence:27.11.2023 or 4 weeks after delayed immatriculation
Delayed immatriculation:4 week after immatriculation